Health Goals

These are my health diary goals

I want to get more sleep on school nights. Im going to do this by going to sleep earlier.

I want to get less screen time and abit more exercise. Im going to do this by going outside more and not being on the screen.

I want to stay mentally happy. Im am going to do this but controling myself and deep breathes when i am either sad or mad.

I want to pray every night Im gonna do this by not going to bed until i pray.

I want to stay intouch and talking to friends and family alot so i can stay
happy and social.
I want to achieve these goals.


Oaks day

Yesterday was oaks day we hade to dress up like we were going to the  races. We first started off by doing a little cat walk in the classroom and everyone had to vote 2 boys and 2. I missed out by a few votes. After that you would go to the big one where all the year 4 are there.

Here comes the ATM just got back from the NBA draft just sign a 1,0000 dollar contract with 76ers. His James Bond suit and his real good looking vans now I know why he has girls hanging off him. He loves his all black but had to mix it up with his 500 dollar wight shirt. Let’s give. It up it up for max.

This is was Kane wrote for me because he was my partner. The partners had to write a commentary while you were walking.



Me in a minute goals

My goals for my mini me in a minute

1. My first goal is to get more shots in the hoop
Im going to achieve this by practicing at home.

2. My second goal is to get further around the oval I will achieve this by practicing at home every morning

3. My last is more skips i will achieve this by doing skips every night.

Three Way Conference

Last night I presented my Three Way Conference to my Mum and my teacher. I think I done really well I thought I spoke smoothly and made sure I wasnt looking straight at the script. Everything went pretty smoothly except for the start when i forgot a few things but besides that it was good. And mum was happy with it so yeah it mustve been good.

Reflective thinking


What is reflecting? Reflecting is like a summary your sharing and your rethinking back to what you done.

Why do we do it? We reflect because it’s nice to hear what you’ve been doing or you’ve done and hearing some the best thing about it.

How do we do it? What tools can we use to reflect? How do you reflect way its pretty basic you rethink what you’ve done you think about what you’ve been doing and you wonder if it will be interesting. And tools you can use are like photos and soverniers.

How can it help your learning? Reflecting can help you in your writing, your remembering and spelling.

Maths Goal

My goal is to learn all 7 times tables I am going to do this by practicing every weekday night with the maths booklet every student in our class was givenI will learn my 7 times tables in 3 weeks.