On May the 19th the grades 6 and 5 boys and girl went to Gardner oval to repersent the school at inter school footy.

We started the day off by versing Holy Cross and won by 1 point. Then we versed macendon we won by 2 goals and we were off to the grand final. We played in the grand final against Gisborne primary and lost by 2 goals but besides that every one had a great day!!


Here are some naplan tips.
1.Concertrate and don’t worry about background noise and don’t talk
2. Don’t be stress and don’t be nervous and stay calm
3. Re read the text and positive about your answers.


Wow chess is old but did you know that it’s 1500 years old?
Chess was first played in northern India during the Gupta Empire in the 6th century.
Muslim traders carried the game to Russia and Western Europe.

What is chess strategy?
The art of chess strategy is knowing how to make a plan the chess game.
And arrange your chess pieces to accomplish this plan.

A new strategy for me is playing attack where I keep moving my pieces forward untill I get my opponents pieces.