The Olympics

How are the orangial olympics games different to the modern Olympic Games? Girls can participate in the games

How did we get the modern form in the games and why? They thought of new style of doing the sports because it would be boring if they just done the same thing over and over and over again.

What would be like if it was still the old events? It would be boring because you would see the same thing over and over again.image

Three way conference

imageHi Max

Hey you probably already know but we had our three way conference last night well I talked to our mum about our maths inquiry literacy writers workshop and some other things out of the class still at school but out of class.

I spoke clearly,presented my work well,came up with a good speech and set a good pace so I wasn’t speaking to fast I wasn’t speaking to slow I was speking the right pace.

I could improve on my confidents and fighting away my nerves and staying calm while showing my work and I could also improve on my eye contact a lot of the time I was looking at the screen and not looking at our mum.

Yours sincerely
P.s you are a nba legend.