Little monkey

We done our picture story books for a gift to our buddies. I liked how the book had to be about teamwork or resilience and how it could be about any characters. Next time I would draw all the monkeys not print them because drawing them was fun as. Next time I would try and make it a bit neater.




Climate change

Today Ceri came into our class to talk about climate change.

97% of scientest believe in climate change,cows put menathe which is carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,humans are the main cause of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is many gases in the atmosphere that impact on the atmosphere,1 or 2 degrees higher make a big effect in animals and plants,CFC’s were contributing in the hole of the ozone layer but were banned back in 1980’s.





The amazing book

Today I read Hairy Maclarys cater caper by Lynley Dodd.
A way to desricibe this book is that Hairy Maclary doesn’t know what he is going to do today until he hears a loud yewol and it echoes threw the whole town. All of Hairy Maclarys friends herd it and they all came together. And they went on a journey to find who yewoled. So they were looking until they saw one of their friends it was scareface. Themes are journey.img_0943

The crazy expo

imageOn Wednesday the 7th of September we had our science expo. All the year 5 grades were in it, we done it in 5C, 5A classrooms and the green room. We done this science ex po because we wanted people to know more about why we can’t breathe under water,grenades and all that stuff. My presentation was about earthquakes. My modle was a bowl full of jelly and some Lego people so when I shook the table all the jelly would shake like a earthquake. The highlight of the day was that a lot of people came to me. The low light was I explained stuff about earthquakes like 50 times. I done a lot of eye contact but next time I could speake a little louder.

Turn on your light bulb

Hey olympics are just around the corner As much as I would like to talk about it I have to do some school work to so today I am here to talk to you about the 3 type of meaning for reading.

Firstly let me tell you what literal mean. Say you get asked a question about the Literal is where is where you get an answer from using the evidence in the text. Secondly inferential. inferential Is where you use your connections to get answer if you get asked a question. Last but not least personal. Say if you get asked another question about the book but you have to use what you think because there is no evidence in the book you would use your Personal thinking where you use your mind and what you think.

Thanks for reading this and your lucky because this would be really big if we were talk about sports so your luck but anyway thanks.

The Olympics

How are the orangial olympics games different to the modern Olympic Games? Girls can participate in the games

How did we get the modern form in the games and why? They thought of new style of doing the sports because it would be boring if they just done the same thing over and over and over again.

What would be like if it was still the old events? It would be boring because you would see the same thing over and over again.image